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Our values

Our values revolve around innovation,
creativity and human resources.


Our vision and in-depth knowledge of the healthcare ecosystem allows us to be a trendsetter in healthcare, identifying challenges and opportunities for our clients.


We work under a “One Team” philosophy, integrating skills and knowledge, maximising the professional and human value of the members of the Pëtri teams and the client.


Our professional practice, both internally and externally, is governed at all times by a professional and personal ethic that permeates the firm’s internal processes.


We always put the client at the centre of our projects, we adapt to their management style and we personalise our approaches by providing a comprehensive response to their needs.


We are non-conformists and we propose disruptive and innovative solutions that energise ecosystem players in contexts of difficulty and uncertainty.


To accompany players in the healthcare ecosystem in the design and implementation of their transformation strategies, improving their competitive positioning and actively participating in the design of the healthcare of the future.


To be the leading consultancy firm in the healthcare sector in processes of transformation of the future of healthcare through the generation of high-impact projects focused on value, innovation and knowledge.


  • Proven sector expertise
  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Wide network of partners, KOLs and health managers
  • Innovation and value as strategic drivers
  • Working knowledge of health organisations
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