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In this new model of society and economy, innovation is consolidated as a key concept in the entire production chain: in product, process, technology, marketing, organisation and organisational strategy itself.

In the current context of system transformation, we are faced with the need to seek value in new ways of providing care services that are more people-centred, more focused on continuity of care and reinforced by the support provided by technology.


Digital Transformation has become one of the main objectives facing healthcare systems. The implementation of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality or Big Data, as well as the regulation of their use, are, nowadays, at the centre of the debate.

At Pëtri we are convinced that transformation is necessary, obligatory and, above all, possible. That is why we believe in the need for the agents of change to be aligned, with the same objective in order to jointly commit to Transformation.

and transformation

Changes in the healthcare ecosystem, digital transformation, as well as new customer demands are leading to strategic and organisational changes in the different sector players.

At Pëtri we accompany organisations in the definition of new value propositions, identifying and supporting the necessary changes to respond to the new challenges of the sector.

in health

Health systems are facing new challenges due to an ageing population, increasing chronicity and a growing range of treatment options. It is therefore time to transform the way we do things and use the power of information to ensure the efficiency of the system and move towards its own sustainability.

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Data driven

In the last decade we have introduced in our discourses such as: the patient at the centre, innovation, the ecosystem, health outcomes, digitalisation… and yet the inertia of the system has prevented a real transformation, that longed-for change linked to a new way of understanding the system and cultural change, of people, of new competencies and ways of working, of redirection, of including the patient and society as protagonists in this change of model. Translated with (free version)

Today, words such as big data, machine learning, bots are commonplace; words that express trends and a road ahead that will be the basis of the future that we must build together.

Public procurement

We have been talking for years about transforming the healthcare system, about thinking in terms of value rather than volume. PPI is the necessary symbiosis between the public and private sector, allowing for a strategic alliance between them in its different modalities: PPP (Pre-commercial Public Procurement), PPI (Public Procurement of Innovative Technology) and Innovation Partnership.

We accompany you throughout the entire process, advising you on the legal aspects, the construction of the proposal, its management and the training and education of your team for its execution.

and transfer

Health research is one of the key elements for the success of any strategy to improve population health. The integration of research with clinical practice ensures a higher quality of services and better implementation of scientific advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and more efficient patient care.

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