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of value

We adapt the value proposition of the different stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem to the new challenges and demands of clients.

Our sector expertise allows us to redefine the go to market model, adapting the internal organisation, roles and functions of the different areas: access, medical, commercial… to the needs of the companies.

and transformation

We are experts in the ideation, development and execution of major transformation strategies, based on on-site studies, training and our team’s own expertise, for the development and introduction of major innovations in the health and healthcare system: digital transformation, use of data in healthcare, care innovation, PAI’s, etc.

and innovation

We design dynamics that place a healthcare process, a hospital service or a pathology at the centre with the aim of identifying challenges and opportunities for the design of solutions and the generation of valuable knowledge.

  • Open innovation
    We create spaces that connect people, challenges, opportunities and innovative solutions.
  • Exploration
    We diagnose weaknesses and strengths to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Action
    We design and implement solutions generated from specific challenges.
  • Expert meeting
    We develop dynamics to deepen clinical, technical and operational keys.

New models

Under clinical leadership and with the support of the Scientific Societies, we redesign new models of care in real clinical practice incorporating technology, innovation and patient experience as drivers of change.

and dissemination

We design, manage and execute experiences in the form of webinars or colloquiums with knowledge dissemination and inspiration at the core of the project.

  • Expert meetings
    We create meeting spaces for opinion leaders and professionals with the aim of disseminating knowledge.
  • Workshops
    We generate new knowledge through the expertise of professionals and opinion leaders.

and education

Knowledge and knowledge management is the energy that drives and generates continuous dynamism in healthcare organisations. We design, validate and execute projects that have an impact on the training of the professionals involved in the process with the aim of establishing and offering differential training itineraries.

Client typology

Providing the best healthcare to patients, adapted to their changing needs and from a sustainable and efficient point of view, is one of the main challenges facing the healthcare system.

With the aim of transforming the Ecosystem through new care approaches based on collaboration, coordination and innovation, we work hand in hand with all Ecosystem agents focused on driving transformation:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Health services
  • Companies in the social and health care sector
  • Professional societies
  • Public Administration


  • Proven sector expertise
  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Wide network of partners, KOLs and health managers
  • Innovation and value as strategic drivers
  • Working knowledge of health organisations
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