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We are a consulting firm
innovation strategy

specialising in ecosystem design and transformation
public and private health care in Spain.

En pëtri

we develop and execute strategic innovation projects focused on designing the healthcare of the future around value and people.

Who we are
The healthcare of the future

The new healthcare system we want to build requires more care coordination, more organisational innovation, more disruptive innovation and the incorporation of new competencies, skills and profiles.

Re-imagining health

means redesigning the way we use data, technology and the knowledge of our professionals to generate more effective, efficient and humane ‘new ways of doing things’ with a single goal: improving patient care.

We are catalysts

of change in collaboration with all actors capable of pushing for change.
transformation through value, knowledge and innovation.

Our team has developed and implemented over the last ten years
internal transformation projects focused on the health sector in
different organisations, with a high level of complexity, both in the field
public as well as private.

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