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We have been talking for years about the transformation of the healthcare system, about the need to change the orientation and focus, to think in terms of value rather than volume. In the last decade we have introduced in our discourses concepts and mantras such as: the patient at the centre, innovation, the ecosystem, digital transformation, health outcomes, digitalisation, etc… However, the inertia of the system, the day-to-day, the pressure of care, have prevented a real transformation, that longed-for change that we seek so much and that is linked to a new way of understanding the healthcare system: a vision that must speak of cultural changes, of people, of competencies and capacities, of new ways of working, of redirection, of the use of technology with the user in mind, of including the patient and why not society in the leading role of this change of model. And along the way, words such as big data, machine learning, bots are frequent; words that express trends and a complex road ahead that will be the basis of the future that we must build together (professionals, managers, the pharmaceutical industry, the business sector and society).

And perhaps, now, after having suffered the hard blow of a pandemic, that has brought out the best in us, our multidisciplinary way of working, our purpose, our strength: the strength of all those who work and manage the system to be better every day.

In this context, a group of colleagues with different positions in different health services have been working to help understand the key to transforming the health system: data, data-driven organisations.

They wanted to share their experiences and visions to draw a simple and practical document that helps us all to understand the keys to become Data Driven organisations.


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