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Let’s talk about multiple sclerosis

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Talking about Multiple Sclerosis means talking about the effectiveness of early diagnosis, the importance of the approach, effective patient care, Digital Transformation as an ally and research as the key. That is why we believe that today, 30 May, on International Multiple Sclerosis Day, it is necessary to talk about this disease from a care point of view and from the patient’s perspective.

The so-called disease of a thousand faces is so, not only because it affects one in a thousand people, but also because its symptoms are as disparate as the number of diagnosed patients. Today it is one of the main causes of disability in the younger population.

It is not fatal but chronic, with no expiry date and, unfortunately, still no cure. This is why it is characterised by a great loss of quality of life.

At Pëtri we believe that our healthcare system is one of the best legacies we have in our society, however, we believe that it is in great need of transformation in order to achieve a better approach to chronicity in pathologies such as MS.

For us, improving the management of diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis involves managing and promoting organisational innovation with the aim of creating new processes and formats that are more homogenised, better coordinated and integrated, that focus on the patient as the axis of all action and that empower them to take part in the decisions throughout the entire process.

Furthermore, we believe in the introduction of new technological advances and Digital Transformation as great allies in chronicity care. TD must be humanised, adapted, accessible and democratised in order to maximise its potential and improve not only the approach to the pathology, but also research for its advancement.

For all these reasons, at Pëtri we connect on a daily basis with different agents of change in projects that make it possible to improve the quality of life of people with this pathology.


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